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Say goodbye to aerosols – AUTRASYS is a reusable system for applying cleaning agents or welding release agents to large areas. If the quantity from a spray can won’t suffice, the application system can be used by connecting it directly to either the 30 L jerrican or the 200 L drum. The system helps save storage- and disposal costs. 

The adapter system is fast to install and easy to handle. It is operated with compressed air, and the spray power can be adjusted freely. The safety valve, which will open at 0.2 bar, guarantees safe operation. 

It is suited for alkaline and neutral cleaning agents or welding release agents and can also be used for corrosion protection oils. 

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  • Facilitates spraying of large areas cleaning agents or welding release agents 
  • Reusable system for saving storage- and disposal costs 
  • Fast installation and easy handling 
  • Comfortable working, also overhead 
  • Adjustable spray power
  • Fine spray mist 
  • Safety valve